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We serve as senior financial analysts SFA-FP&A and turnaround professionals for our client companies, working on a project or hourly basis for only as many hours per month as needed.

Nelson Business Financial (NBFC) is affiliated with High Rock Partners, a strategic and M&A advisory firm that serves emerging growth and middle-market companies... with a focus on growth, finance, exit strategies, M&A, new business development, corporate partnering, problem-solving, and turnarounds.

Our principal and associates serve a wide range of companies, have demonstrated success in their chosen fields, and are experts in dealing with the issues that impact our clients.

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Business Performance Manager (BPM) is a comprehensive service for managing the senior-level planning and financial functions of your organization. BPC consists of four major components that can be deployed singly or together to form a seamless management system: Strategic Market Management (SMM), Getting Things Done (GTD), Work Smart–Work Together (WSWT), and Finance (FP&A Toolkit).

Financial Analyst

Strategic Market Management (SMM) is a best practices planning process for developing and implementing strategies. SMM emphasizes that strategy needs to be driven by the market and its environment rather than by internal orientation. SMM is similar in many respects to the strategic planning process from which it has evolved except for one critical distinction...

Getting Things Done (GTD) is a business system/execution model for managing functional areas, intra-departmental reporting relationships, recurring tasks, and company-wide initiatives. Execution is not just tactics (though tactics are central to execution), but execution is
fundamental to strategy and has to shape it. No worthwhile strategy can be planned without taking into account the organization's ability to execute...

Work Smart Work Together (WSWT) is a business system/execution model for managing major processes, driving continuous improvement, and complying with ISO quality standards. Most organizations are managed functionally by department. The functional organization is most efficient for managing employees and directing workflow within a department. Major processes, however, often require the involvement and cooperation of more than one department...


Strategic Vision vs. Strategic Opportunism. A strategic vision defines a company's direction with respect to the scope of the product/service markets in which it will compete, orientation (i.e., how its products and services will be positioned), and scale (e.g., target sales volumes, size of operation, number of locations, etc.). To have value, a strategic vision should be based on an insightful analysis of the current and anticipated market environment to determine where the greatest opportunities and threats exist today, and where they will be tomorrow...

  • Financial forecasting and modeling (US GAAP and IFRS-compliant)

  • Budgeting, rolling latest best estimate (LBE), and long-range planning (LRP)

  • 13-week cash flows

  • Corporate recovery - turnaround and crisis management

  • Corporate finance

  • Mergers and acquisitions due diligence (buy-side and sell-side)

  • Excel power users (Vlookups, pivot tables, macros, complex formulas)

  • Business valuations (as client advisors in support of a transaction)

  • Executive coaching/mentoring

  • Strategic planning (with a focus on new business development)

  • Planning systems and execution models (ISO 9001:2016 compliant)

  • Computer system implementations

  • Project management

  • Permanent Full-Time, Permanent Part-Time, Temporary Full-Time, Temporary Part-Time, Contract or W2, Insured

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